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I’ve been hearing “Turn Down for What?” at a lot of these playoff games I’ve been watching lately.

Like, do you want your team to win or to start twerking at center ice?


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Remember when I said I already picked the Boston Bruins to win? There’s a reason why they destroyed the Red Wings yesterday. The only reason a goal got by Tuukka was because fans kept distracting me asking for photos. Sorry I fucked up your shutout Rask.


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My heart says one team but my bracket says the other

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Okay half of these so called “hawks fan” are now back to liking Crawford when 2 days ago they were bitching and complaining how he sucks! Don’t get me wrong not all hawks fan are bandwagoners but now it’s annoying because after that game they like “OMG I knew you had it crow!” Like bitch no you didn’t! People can really get on my nerves!